Christmas Looks

It’s that time of the year again! You are getting ready for your Christmas session and now you need to decide what the family will wear. If you’ve reserved your BreeIsForBeauty Photography Santa session, I just cannot wait to see you and your family! The setup this year is neutral with some natural greenery. It’s a very clean and cozy vibe!

Some helpful tips when choosing an outfit for your little one and preparing for your Christmas session.

  • You can never go wrong with neutral colors. Accessorize with a festive bow, tie or fancy shoes.
  • Choose something with some texture! Christmas time is all about glitter, velvet, tulle and faux fur. Have fun with it! Who doesn’t love looking a little fancy every once in a while?!
  • Make sure your clothing is steamed and pressed. There is nothing worse than having a beautiful outfit, but being distracted by all of the wrinkles.
  • Have manicured nails (no chipped nail polish or dirty fingernails) and a fresh haircut. Don’t forget to brush your child’s hair and to clean their face/wipe their nose.
  • Don’t forget clean shoes. I know, it’s hard justifying the dress shoes when you think they may only wear them a few times, but having dressier shoes will complete the Christmas photo look and your child will look so polished.
  • Talk about Santa before your session. Show your child some photos of other kids sitting with Santa, find a fun video, look back on old photos of other family members with Santa and prepare your little one for their session. It’s typical for some tears from little ones. Sometimes the man in red with the big beard can equal stranger danger, so set your expectations low and just embrace the moment whether your child is thrilled or not. Sometimes the crying photos are the funnest to look back on!

Here are some children’s looks along with links to the items for you to shop for you Christmas session this year. Choosing a more formal look will definitely elevate the occasion and your family will look picture perfect with Santa!

lehigh valley santa session

Hopefully you plan to join in on the fun with Santa. All sessions include a family portrait without Santa as well! You can shop some beautiful looks here for you and your spouse.

Photos were taken by BreeIsForBeauty Photography, a Lehigh Valley, Bucks County and Philadelphia Newborn, Maternity Milestone, Motherhood and Family Photographer. Her studio is located in Center Valley, PA. Clients have access to BreeIsForBeauty Photography’s curated client closet which is filled with beautiful dresses and clothing for your whole family.

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