Preparing for your Newborn Session

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Hi Mama! Congratulations on the new addition to your family. I am so excited to work with you and document such a special time in you and your family’s life. Having a new baby is quite the whirlwind and a big transition for all. You’ll never regret preserving these special moments shortly after their arrival!

I wanted to share a guide so that you feel fully prepared for the day of your newborn session. You will be sleep deprived and still recovering from childbirth, so I hope this gives you some clarity leading up to your newborn photography session date. Parents often find themselves stressing over their baby and if they’ll cooperate for their session. Going into your newborn session prepared will help make the experience as enjoyable and as seamless as possible!

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Before your baby arrives, we will schedule a tentative session date based off of your due date. If you are having a scheduled c-section, we can chose the actual session date. You will complete the Newborn Session Questionnaire and share your color choices so I can customize a newborn session for you. I put together premium wraps, headbands, bonnets and props to create a look that you’ll find similar to my portfolio. You will want this art displayed on your walls for years to come!


You will then contact me within 24-48 hours after baby’s arrival to schedule the actual session date and time. I offer studio newborn or in-home newborn sessions. Not sure which type of newborn session is right for you? You can read more about the benefits of each here.

Newborn sessions are offered during the week in the morning hours when babies are sleepiest and siblings are most cooperative. I recommend newborn sessions to be scheduled within 2-4 weeks after birth when baby is sleepiest and most flexible for all of the cute little prompts I will guide you and your baby through. Since my style is more lifestyle versus posed newborn, I do not require newborns to be just a few days old. I can still capture plenty of wrapped poses and lifestyle shots to create beautiful memories.

The studio will be prepped and ready for your arrival. Baby’s love warmth, so a space heater and white noise machine will be running to create a calm and gentle environment. I recommend dressing in layers.

Depending on how far you live from the studio, you will either feed your baby a full feeding right before you leave (this is if you live close), or as soon as you arrive at the studio (if you are traveling from a distance of further than 30 minutes). Feeding your baby before your session is one of the most important factors when preparing for your session. A full baby is a happy baby and babe should be quite sleepy after a nice full feeding. This is also why it is very important to arrive on time, or even a few minutes early to your session!

Please dress baby in just a diaper with blankets over them or clothes that are very easy to take off. A zipper sleeper is great. NOTHING that goes over the head. When you arrive, leave baby in the car seat and I will wrap them in a neutral swaddle. During this time, you and your family will change into the looks chosen from my curated client closet.

Be sure to bring along plenty of diapers/wipes. Also, bring along a pacifier if your baby is using one. A pacifier can be very helpful with soothing during the transition of different poses if they do wake. Also bring a burp cloth incase we need to do a feeding in the middle of your session.

Your child’s safety is my number 1 priority. I will not attempt any unnatural poses that I do not feel comfortable with. As a Mother to 4, I am skilled in soothing a baby and am focused on keeping them safe and comfortable throughout the session.

Newborn sessions last up to 2 hours, so be sure to bring along a snack and I will provide some water and coffee or tea. There is a comfortable seating area for you to relax while I photograph your sweet baby. I only recommend bringing siblings along if you plan to have them in the photos with baby. If siblings are coming along, bring a snack or a toy to keep them occupied. AVOID iPads for siblings – these become my greatest competition at sessions – we have a TV with Disney, Netflix, bribes etc…If you are having family and or sibling photos taken, I always complete this part of the session first. This gives Dad the opportunity to step away with any older siblings during the rest of the session, as they typically become restless while waiting for their new baby sibling’s photos to be taken. It is best to have minimal noise and distraction so that baby is not startled.

Having family photos during your newborn session and not sure what to wear? I recommend neutral, cream tones and soft hues for an intimate look. All clients will have full access to my curated client closet which is filled with various sizes and silhouettes that are perfect for your postpartum body! Be sure to wear nude undergarments and bring a strapless bra. Keep in mind your nails will be in the photos so you may want to remove any chipped or overly bright polish.

One thing is for sure; you’ll never regret being able to look back on those precious memories of your newborn baby. I still have my wall adorned with all of my daughter’s newborn photos and will always cherish their teeny tiny features.

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